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Video Content: 5 Easy Ways for Marketing Using Vine

Vine is the latest short video sharing app available for Smartphones and tablet devices. You can utilize it to share six seconds videos footage on Twitter, Facebook, or Vine’s own social network. What actually makes it a powerful app is its ability to merge together bit of nonconsecutive videos content to produce a tableau.


Looking for a few ideas to include Vine to your contents marketing store? Here are five tips that will make it simple to jump on board easily.

1. Show your brand

What’s much more powerful than elevator pitch? A 6 second video, which shows your brand, services or products in action.

Everyone likes things to be short and sweet nowadays, and we don’t wish for the pitch. It’s more convincing to demonstrate what you do instead of telling people about it.

2. Send messages to your clients

Have a quick tip, a news announcement, or any cause using which you align your brand? Select to send those messages through a Vine to your Vine Followers. Vine is more interactive and engaging than text. Sending message through these short video services gives message more impact, in a few cases putting face on your own brand to help connects with your audiences on a much more personal stage.

3. Encourage fans to contribute something

There’s no more influential way to produce contents on a tight budget than recruiting customers to help you out.

Vine is cool, which means lots of Smartphone consumers are interacting through this app already. Motivate clients to contribute through contest or turn up with exciting ideas that will enliven audiences members for participating. Or just reach out to the readers, asking to submit Vine around a particular idea, which gets with your brand very nicely.

4. Leverage current video contents

Have a few video contents sitting around and gathering dust? Vine’s an excellent method to re-leverage the content. Make use of Vine to produce short preview, which link back to long videos.Existing contents can be utilized in other ways, as well. Creating a six seconds short video, which neatly sums up any brand messages, sourced from current video content, can be a helpful approach. However, if you apply your current video content, Vine tend to be a great means to change the way you promote that contents on Twitter for better.

5. Become journalist

Attending any event, which your clients might find attractive? Report back in visual chunks using Vine. Vine has became a famous form of brand’s journalism in this year’s SXSW, wherein brands and the brand representatives took videos footage of concerts, presentations, and other cool tidbit of the enormous Austin event.

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