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Infographic of the week: How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings

As we mention on social signals service page, Social Signals are very help full in SEO. Check Neil Patel’s latest Infographic about social signals.

Social Signals for SEO

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All credit of this Infographic goes to NEIL PATEL


How to Use Vine for Email Marketing?

What’s appealing to email marketers actually is the way Vines are simple to communicate a campaign’s or brand’s main focus. Videos of six seconds can convey part of your brand’s emails marketing campaign in impactful way. Below are a few ways that the Vine videos can be an inventive addition to your advertising mix for emails marketing.


Easy Interaction

The users can interact easily using Vine clips. Put a link in your emails for Vine clip on the Web or sponsor a contest into your email campaigns for users to produce Vine for your own brand. The 6 seconds aren’t a big investment on their own part, so the users more likely are to get connected to your brand.

Mobile Access

Vine clip load rapidly on most recent mobile phones. It is an excellent asset for users to take up to the service. Nobody wishes to wait for any clip to show onto their phone. Marketers making use of Vine won’t disturb a user’s every day mobile use with long waiting time for the clips.

Embed on Web

The Vine videos provide a code to insert them into company’s Twitter posts, marketing blogs, and anywhere else. While Vines won’t directly embed into email, they are shareable over other venues.

Hashtags for Search

The hashtags allow brands locate the users by their interest and choose categories to display their clips.

Great for consumer’s brands

If your own brand is making use of email marketing, YouTube videos and Internet ads to reach out to young users, then consider using Vine. It has great usability, illuminates new campaigns and products, and offers a hilarious side to your firm with users. It’s an excellent way to build great relationships!


Make Your Vine Memorable

Here are a few tips to make your Vine creations outstanding:

  • Make Vines worth sharing: Show new product, new visuals and new logos that your company brings for users. Whenever planning to produce Vines, inquire your team about what they would wish to see.
  • Struggle for a response: Provide your short clip a certain emotion so as to vibrate with viewers of the brand. Tie up in a reply with the email marketing campaign.
  • Genuineness works: Try to not fake out users. Make it authentic always.
  • Utilize the hashtags: Tracking tips, news events and tricks since they relate to the brands is a part of Vine experience. So ensure to make thorough use of hashtags to gauge reply and track ability.

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3 Ways to Incorporate Vine into Social Media Marketing Strategies

There are a few really superb reasons why you must think of using Twitter’s video sharing application to promote your brand or business. Vine is extremely popular already, which means it must become an element of everyone’s social media marketing plans. Using Vine is incredibly easy as well. Create a six seconds video, incorporate it into Twitter feeds and make your tweet even more appealing.


With a few innovative yet straightforward ideas, you can easily make Vine an efficient tool of your social media strategies which include:

1. Hire any Magician

Popular Vegas showmen really are big hit on TV and the Vine app can be a perfect platform to make dazzling impression. Do local Google search to find a magician whom you can appoint to shoot your Vine videos with.

Users will look ahead to nothing less when this Videos-sharing platform is considered. The app uses looping and quick cuts that can work very well with magician and illusions. So, here’s an opening to kick your marketing, a score up.

2. Controversy Sell

Controversy definitely sells as Vine quickly was inundated with pornography just after its release. We aren’t asking you to shoot any porno but this thought can be utilized to your benefit. Find a way in order to make fun from controversial Vine videos to add cheekiness and fun to your basic old marketing plans.

Get users attracted by shooting any racy video parody, along with right caution of course. Create something, which will get your audiences talking really. The point is getting through the clutters and turning your Vine videos into trending topics.

3. Animation

Make use of stop motion and generate animation on Vine app. Most Smartphone cameras consent to 30 frames/second, which can let you to produce something special. Vine is just the perfect place to take benefit of stop-motion animations. It can be a unique and creative way to build up awareness about your business and brand with your vine followers that is fun and young both.

If animation isn’t your thing really, you should consider making mini-movie as well. Use same stop-motion ideas and shoot old silent movies. Use your imagination to shoot a film in a perfectly affordable way.

If you’re a business or brand and are not in this Vine game, then you should wake up immediately! Get in the attractiveness of this video-sharing app and then beat all your competitors with it.

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Video Content: 5 Easy Ways for Marketing Using Vine

Vine is the latest short video sharing app available for Smartphones and tablet devices. You can utilize it to share six seconds videos footage on Twitter, Facebook, or Vine’s own social network. What actually makes it a powerful app is its ability to merge together bit of nonconsecutive videos content to produce a tableau.


Looking for a few ideas to include Vine to your contents marketing store? Here are five tips that will make it simple to jump on board easily.

1. Show your brand

What’s much more powerful than elevator pitch? A 6 second video, which shows your brand, services or products in action.

Everyone likes things to be short and sweet nowadays, and we don’t wish for the pitch. It’s more convincing to demonstrate what you do instead of telling people about it.

2. Send messages to your clients

Have a quick tip, a news announcement, or any cause using which you align your brand? Select to send those messages through a Vine to your Vine Followers. Vine is more interactive and engaging than text. Sending message through these short video services gives message more impact, in a few cases putting face on your own brand to help connects with your audiences on a much more personal stage.

3. Encourage fans to contribute something

There’s no more influential way to produce contents on a tight budget than recruiting customers to help you out.

Vine is cool, which means lots of Smartphone consumers are interacting through this app already. Motivate clients to contribute through contest or turn up with exciting ideas that will enliven audiences members for participating. Or just reach out to the readers, asking to submit Vine around a particular idea, which gets with your brand very nicely.

4. Leverage current video contents

Have a few video contents sitting around and gathering dust? Vine’s an excellent method to re-leverage the content. Make use of Vine to produce short preview, which link back to long videos.Existing contents can be utilized in other ways, as well. Creating a six seconds short video, which neatly sums up any brand messages, sourced from current video content, can be a helpful approach. However, if you apply your current video content, Vine tend to be a great means to change the way you promote that contents on Twitter for better.

5. Become journalist

Attending any event, which your clients might find attractive? Report back in visual chunks using Vine. Vine has became a famous form of brand’s journalism in this year’s SXSW, wherein brands and the brand representatives took videos footage of concerts, presentations, and other cool tidbit of the enormous Austin event.

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5 Ways Businesses Can Use Vine to Engage Clients

How would you make use of six seconds, looping and short videos to engage your clients?

Businesses have been emerging up with interesting and creative ways of answering this question using Vine, the Twitter-owned mobile application, which has been making big waves since it launched in this year.


After doing a little bit of digging, some interesting ways were found; using which the small businesses can begin putting Vine in their store of social media networking tools for efficient customer engagements.

1. Influencers Marketing

When user-generated content is considered, it’s helpful to keep 1 percent rule in your mind, which mentions that of all the users, 90 percent consume, 9 percent edit, and 1 percent create new content actively. Tapping into this 1 percent of platform’s most famous users can mean getting your product or brand exposed to around millions of individuals.

2. Behind the Scene Looks

Oftentimes clients form a feel of intimacy, identity, and dependency with the services and products they consume, the chance which can go overlooked sometimes by companies that produce or sell them.

But, recognizing that your clients may wish to learn more regarding the inner working of your own business and its staff and creating contents that makes that probable can be an efficient way to engage as well as build your audiences.

3. How-to Video

Do your products require assembly? Do you’ve to offer instructions on the ways to use your products? Or are you lifestyle brand which provides a new take on old problem?

If you answered a yes to any questions here, you should possibly consider creating a six seconds how-to video at Vine.

Hashtag #howto really is one among the top known tags on Vine and can establish to be a helpful way to get probable customers to provide your offerings a try at least.

4. Stop Motion Ad

If you have in-house creative resources or you are keen to cough up little more wealth to work with any agency or freelancer, you can then be on your path to have your stop motion videos promoting your own brand or product.

5. Highlighting Products Features

Possibly you’re looking to display something specific about a product or service you sell or the feature, which your clients may not yet know about. Using Vine to show up any product’s features is an amazing way to create craving while being enjoyable simultaneously.

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5 Best Ways to Use Vine

For those people who haven’t checked it out already, Vine is a new mobile app, which enables the users to capture as well as share six seconds looping video snippets that display and play on any Twitter post. This app enables the users to capture colorful, pivotal or just weird moment in live action instead of with still images and share immediately. Vine is one of the latest among the numerous apps to enable fast sharing of mobile videos. And because its format is simple and quick to use, individuals can experiment without even breaking the bank.


Its few potential uses consist of:

Promotion of live event: While individuals may well wish to shoot long videos at live event to edit and then post after the event, Vine is intended for instantaneous sharing — enabling the followers to share the entire thrill as it happen and possibly get the backstage sneak peeks. When a NASCAR’s driver was featured at ESPN’s “Sports Night” show, NASCAR posted one Vine video showing just a glimpse of that interview, in addition to the scenes from behind the camera in the studio — alluring Twitter followers to get tuned in.

Demonstrate a speedy how-to: Though six seconds clips won’t replace the long product demo videos, individuals can use Vine in order to highlight a particular feature, handy trick or expert tip. Cadbury UK freshly promoted its latest “Egg ‘n’ Spoon” products with a fast video revealing how to scoop the candy filling out, and encouraged sharing just by offering a reward drawing to those people who retweeted that clip.

A new layout for user-generated contents: Consider a contest letting followers to submit the Vine clips featuring their products, or encourage clients to make use of clips to demonstrate their product review.

Build brand’s identity: Advertisement-style clip, which is build on an existing campaign or support brand image is becoming popular quickly. Gap asked followers as to what shoes would they wear with their Skimmer pants, and demonstrated the question with one quick clip, which encouraged the followers to “be intelligent.”

Reinforce lifestyle attraction: Like longer-format video, Vine clips can provide followers a glance behind the scene of any brand and reveal that staff members tend to be attuned to the taste of their customers. And with the concise format of Vine, these clips can be tongue-in-cheek and quirky, as in a post from Urban Outfitter paying homage to the National Beer Cans Day.

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How to Start With Vine Time Travel and Sessions?

Shooting the best Vine video became a little easier. The famous Twitter-owned application rolled an update recently introducing two powerful tools: Time Travel and Sessions.

Time Travel, the tool, which expands the probabilities for stop-motion video, allows the users to remove, replace or reorganize shots within any post even before publishing it. Sessions allows the users to save draft of their unfinished post and come back again to finish those later. You can work with as many as ten videos at a time.


Here’s a walkthrough, which will show how to use the new features easily:

  • 1. New Menu’s Option for Sessions

If you go to produce a Vine video, then you’ll see a complete new option, which looks like sheet of a paper at the right, bottom of your screen. It is the latest Sessions tool.

2. Save Around 10 Drafts

  • Tap Sessions icon, and then you’ll see pop-up option in order to save or discard your present draft. Vine will let you to save 10 videos at once.

If you wish to check out your feed or notifications while in middle of making any video, you simply can save the draft and leave shooting mode. You’ll have to no longer worry about losing the work and starting all over again from scratch.

You even can quit the application and reboot your Smartphone — your videos still will be there whenever you reopen the Vine app.

·         3. Shoot Second Video

  • In order to shoot any new video prior to publishing first one, swipe to left simply, and then you’ll notice a new viewfinder. And, tapping it brings you to the known shooting screen later.

·         4. Edit Your Video With Time Trave

·         Just after shooting any multi- or single-frame video, you’ll observe a new option for editing it at upper right screen. It is the latest Time Travel tool on Vine.

5. Rearrange or Remove Frames

  • Tap on “Edit” and you’ll notice a timeline of frames. You can easily rearrange an order by dragging as well as dropping any frames into a complete new position. This also offers you the alternative to discard any unnecessary clips. When you finish editing your videos, tap on “Save” at top right of screen.

·         6. Save Your Video

After you do the changes, preview the edited video. And at that point, you can “Edit” once again in order to go to Time Travel tool back, if needed. Vine won’t publish your post unless you tap on “Done” on sharing screen.

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The 5 Most Essential Tips on Using Vine for Your Small Businesses

Vine is one among the latest social networking hits, but it still is relatively unfamiliar for the advertising of small business. Here is how actually you can use Vine for your own small businesses:


  1. Be Very Creative
    As Vine is so much new, most of the users still are posting their own videos, catching a Frisbee or making their breakfast. People won’t be interested to see this sort of contents repeatedly, particularly not from any small business owner; therefore, you need to be as much creative as possible. You can easily get your business seen by making a creative, unusual video, but keep in mind that videos can last for 6 seconds maximum only, so don’t try to fit in too much.
  2. Use Hashtags
    The Vine app uses same # hashtag systems as Twitter, so ensure that you advertise your videos with suitable hashtags, in order that they’ll get as much viewed as possible.
  3. Create How-to Videos
    Consider what you’re selling before you make “how-to” videos. Although they can be effective and simple for some products, “how-to” videos can backfire easily, if you’ve a product, which takes more than six seconds to explain.
  4. Use Vine to Drive People onto your all other Social Networks
    Make use of Vine to encourage individuals to social media platform where you’re able to converse via more than six seconds of video. Make use of short teaser clip, which gives name of your own YouTube channel, to cheer people to visit YouTube to be capable to see full clip. Though Vine currently isn’t that well incorporated with other social networking platforms, the probabilities are that as this platform develops, thus will the level of integration, therefore it will pay to be prepared.
  5. Promote any Events
    If you’re planning and advertising any event, you can create a composite video prepared of fun photo from the past event, which you held. The photos eventually could build up unless the final second, when you show the details of next event, which is going to be held. Ensure that you display the detail for long enough, in order that anybody who’s watching clip has the time to read as well as remember the details. Keep in mind that not like YouTube videos, Vine video will keep repeating automatically until the users tap screen to pause, thus this occasion information won’t be constantly displayed when clip is over.

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How to take Advantage From Vine?

If you’re Twitter user, you might have heard about the new Vine app, the recording app, which lets you to take short, six-seconds, looping video. Similar to Instagram, photo-capturing app, which lets you share all your smartphone pictures on the Web instantly, Vine encourage you to be innovative and convey out as much as possible for you in any six-second video captured on your device. Though you might wonder what the advantages are of sharing video, which is so short in its length, businesses and individuals alike are using Vine to get connected with others both for commercial and personal purposes.


Showcase Your Talents

For an entertainer or artist, Vine can offer lots of creative opportunities to network with your audiences. A lot of artists have really taken benefit of Vine’s six seconds video limit like a new means to produce contents like small stop-motion film. For bloggers and the other Web-based experts, Vine can help make a diverse impression on the viewers in a very creative way.

Connect With Your Loved Ones

Whenever communicating with family and friends online, Vine can make you feel connected personally while removing the hassles of sending large video files. Using your mobile devices, you easily can upload your videos onto Vine within few minutes as well as share your video with your followers on Vine. By linking Vine account together with your Twitter or Facebook profiles, you can share the special moments with your loved ones.

Promote any Products                      

Since capturing the notice of people surfing the Web has always been a great challenge for the marketers in this digital age, apps such as Vine have given a complete new meaning to virtual advertising. By making a fast glimpse of any new product, creating visual how-to clips or getting sentence-long testimonials from a happy client, businesses can make concise but meaningful connections with Internet audiences. Though online communication has the risks of feeling impersonal, making use of Vine to smartly film the visual aspects of your business can help to establish a long-lasting relationship with clients.

Spread Awareness

Like with the companies using Vine app to spread words about new services and products, Vine also can be a helpful device for nonprofit organization to raise awareness on any cause. By showing audiences a short film of how contribution can help any cause, any organization can make a great impact on lives of lots of people in a very short time period.


How does Vine app work?

These days, there has been lots of progress in the different social networking applications. One such network, which is gaining immense fame, is known as Vine, launched by Twitter network and has become very eminent, since the instant of its launching. Vine actually is a video sharing appl. This isn’t an ordinary application; however, is renowned with various attributes. This application is designed in a method that you can easily film various and short instances that can be aligned for a total of 6 seconds.


Firstly, you need to have a Smartphone for the intention to download this app. Twitter has become pretty serious about building this app to its fullest level. This application is thought to be extremely similar to Instagram app. After signing up to this application, it’ll take you to profile page, where your details can be added and customized. The maximum information initially will be taken by twitter itself, such as the name, photo, bio, etc. during the signing up process.

Getting introduced to the Vine app

When you make use of your vine app for the very first time, then the app will take you via all the involved steps. Separate instances actually are made into short film of just 6 seconds, in order to make the most excellent video. You can include memorable moment and make it much more memorable. This app will at first ask you for holding your finger on the screen for 2 second. Later, you’ll need to film twice. You can then put all three together in order to create your very first vine. You in fact can experiment a lot simply by using this app. This is a superb way to putting across the terrific moments of life and spreading out the same among all your friends in order that it’ll be made very appealing.

As this app is quite new, this app still requires lots of up gradation. By now, it offers the basics to make this the best mobile social media network. For the most excellent wines, you can get through ‘Editor’s Picks’ section or ‘popular now’ section. With help of activities tab, you can come to know who is following you and the people who like or comment on your vine. It actually works similar to Instagram almost, where you have the option to like as well as leave comments.