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5 Ways Businesses Can Use Vine to Engage Clients

How would you make use of six seconds, looping and short videos to engage your clients?

Businesses have been emerging up with interesting and creative ways of answering this question using Vine, the Twitter-owned mobile application, which has been making big waves since it launched in this year.


After doing a little bit of digging, some interesting ways were found; using which the small businesses can begin putting Vine in their store of social media networking tools for efficient customer engagements.

1. Influencers Marketing

When user-generated content is considered, it’s helpful to keep 1 percent rule in your mind, which mentions that of all the users, 90 percent consume, 9 percent edit, and 1 percent create new content actively. Tapping into this 1 percent of platform’s most famous users can mean getting your product or brand exposed to around millions of individuals.

2. Behind the Scene Looks

Oftentimes clients form a feel of intimacy, identity, and dependency with the services and products they consume, the chance which can go overlooked sometimes by companies that produce or sell them.

But, recognizing that your clients may wish to learn more regarding the inner working of your own business and its staff and creating contents that makes that probable can be an efficient way to engage as well as build your audiences.

3. How-to Video

Do your products require assembly? Do you’ve to offer instructions on the ways to use your products? Or are you lifestyle brand which provides a new take on old problem?

If you answered a yes to any questions here, you should possibly consider creating a six seconds how-to video at Vine.

Hashtag #howto really is one among the top known tags on Vine and can establish to be a helpful way to get probable customers to provide your offerings a try at least.

4. Stop Motion Ad

If you have in-house creative resources or you are keen to cough up little more wealth to work with any agency or freelancer, you can then be on your path to have your stop motion videos promoting your own brand or product.

5. Highlighting Products Features

Possibly you’re looking to display something specific about a product or service you sell or the feature, which your clients may not yet know about. Using Vine to show up any product’s features is an amazing way to create craving while being enjoyable simultaneously.

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