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5 Best Ways to Use Vine

For those people who haven’t checked it out already, Vine is a new mobile app, which enables the users to capture as well as share six seconds looping video snippets that display and play on any Twitter post. This app enables the users to capture colorful, pivotal or just weird moment in live action instead of with still images and share immediately. Vine is one of the latest among the numerous apps to enable fast sharing of mobile videos. And because its format is simple and quick to use, individuals can experiment without even breaking the bank.


Its few potential uses consist of:

Promotion of live event: While individuals may well wish to shoot long videos at live event to edit and then post after the event, Vine is intended for instantaneous sharing — enabling the followers to share the entire thrill as it happen and possibly get the backstage sneak peeks. When a NASCAR’s driver was featured at ESPN’s “Sports Night” show, NASCAR posted one Vine video showing just a glimpse of that interview, in addition to the scenes from behind the camera in the studio — alluring Twitter followers to get tuned in.

Demonstrate a speedy how-to: Though six seconds clips won’t replace the long product demo videos, individuals can use Vine in order to highlight a particular feature, handy trick or expert tip. Cadbury UK freshly promoted its latest “Egg ‘n’ Spoon” products with a fast video revealing how to scoop the candy filling out, and encouraged sharing just by offering a reward drawing to those people who retweeted that clip.

A new layout for user-generated contents: Consider a contest letting followers to submit the Vine clips featuring their products, or encourage clients to make use of clips to demonstrate their product review.

Build brand’s identity: Advertisement-style clip, which is build on an existing campaign or support brand image is becoming popular quickly. Gap asked followers as to what shoes would they wear with their Skimmer pants, and demonstrated the question with one quick clip, which encouraged the followers to “be intelligent.”

Reinforce lifestyle attraction: Like longer-format video, Vine clips can provide followers a glance behind the scene of any brand and reveal that staff members tend to be attuned to the taste of their customers. And with the concise format of Vine, these clips can be tongue-in-cheek and quirky, as in a post from Urban Outfitter paying homage to the National Beer Cans Day.

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