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3 Ways to Incorporate Vine into Social Media Marketing Strategies

There are a few really superb reasons why you must think of using Twitter’s video sharing application to promote your brand or business. Vine is extremely popular already, which means it must become an element of everyone’s social media marketing plans. Using Vine is incredibly easy as well. Create a six seconds video, incorporate it into Twitter feeds and make your tweet even more appealing.


With a few innovative yet straightforward ideas, you can easily make Vine an efficient tool of your social media strategies which include:

1. Hire any Magician

Popular Vegas showmen really are big hit on TV and the Vine app can be a perfect platform to make dazzling impression. Do local Google search to find a magician whom you can appoint to shoot your Vine videos with.

Users will look ahead to nothing less when this Videos-sharing platform is considered. The app uses looping and quick cuts that can work very well with magician and illusions. So, here’s an opening to kick your marketing, a score up.

2. Controversy Sell

Controversy definitely sells as Vine quickly was inundated with pornography just after its release. We aren’t asking you to shoot any porno but this thought can be utilized to your benefit. Find a way in order to make fun from controversial Vine videos to add cheekiness and fun to your basic old marketing plans.

Get users attracted by shooting any racy video parody, along with right caution of course. Create something, which will get your audiences talking really. The point is getting through the clutters and turning your Vine videos into trending topics.

3. Animation

Make use of stop motion and generate animation on Vine app. Most Smartphone cameras consent to 30 frames/second, which can let you to produce something special. Vine is just the perfect place to take benefit of stop-motion animations. It can be a unique and creative way to build up awareness about your business and brand with your vine followers that is fun and young both.

If animation isn’t your thing really, you should consider making mini-movie as well. Use same stop-motion ideas and shoot old silent movies. Use your imagination to shoot a film in a perfectly affordable way.

If you’re a business or brand and are not in this Vine game, then you should wake up immediately! Get in the attractiveness of this video-sharing app and then beat all your competitors with it.

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